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 Cosmetic Options:

Interested in making your smile more beautiful?  Something as small as smoothing a rough edge is sometimes all that is needed. From whitening to bonding to veneers, we always review the options available and level of personal involvement required. No surprises except the best kind - satisfaction with the result!


•  Restorative Solutions:

There is no substitute for your own natural teeth, but accidents and disease can result in missing and damaged teeth. Advances in dentistry allow us to restore your teeth so they not only function well, but also are beautiful!


•  Preventive Care:

A beautiful smile rests on a foundation of good oral health. Dr. Heather Gibson and her team provide consistent preventive care that will keep you smiling. During your regular checkups, we perform a full assessment of all teeth and any existing restorations to ensure there are no fractures, new tooth decay, or abcesses.




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